Immigration Hearing and Appeal


  • Admissibility hearings, including misrepresentations

  • Deportation appeals

  • Detention review hearings

  • Residency obligation appeal


Refugee Application and Appeal


  • Applying from outside Canada

  • Applying from within Canada

  • Refugee claim hearings

  • Refugee claim appeals

  • Sponsorship appeals

  • Cessation and Vacation proceedings

  • Complex cases (e.g. inadmissibility, exclusion)

  • Pre-Removal Risk Assessment applications

  • Sponsoring refugees


Employment Dispute


  • Personal Grievance Claims

  • Disciplinary and Wrongful Dismissal

  • Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

  • Mediation

  • Occupational Safety and health

Human Rights Issues

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and Ontario Human Rights Code regulates the human rights is holy and inviolable. The Code prohibits discrimination and harassment on any of the following grounds:

Race, Color, Ancestry, Place of origin, Citizenship, Ethnic origin, Disability, Creed, Sex, including sexual harassment and pregnancy, Sexual orientation, Gender identity, Gender expression, Family status, Marital status, Age, Receipt of public assistance , Record of offences.

Accuracy Paralegal can Provide you legal services for these matters.


Traffic Tickets

The main reason to fight a traffic ticket is the potential for skyrocketing insurance premiums. Traffic tickets cause insurance premiums to increase primarily because of demerit points.

 Many traffic tickets have demerit points associated with them. For example,

  • Careless driving

  • No insurance and other insurance charges

  • Fail to remain at scene of accident

  • Fail to stop for school bus

  • Stunt driving

  • Cellphone use

  • Speeding

  • Red light

  • Disobey stop sign

  • Improper turns and unsafe lane changes

If a driver has demerit points, his or her insurance is sure to go up significantly. An accumulation of a critical number of demerit points can also lead to unpleasant consequences with the Ministry of Transportation, such as having your license suspended.

 At Accuracy Paralegal Services, we can use procedural means to have the traffic ticket withdrawn or attempt to reach a settlement with the prosecutor, even represent you in trial , We will try every effort to fight your traffic ticket.

Landlord and Tenant Dispute

Your tenant hasn't paid you rent? or damage your property ? or make harassment to other tenants or you? You want to evict the bad tenant? Your landlord failed to maintain the facilities in reasonable condition or the landlord illegally enter into your room? Accuracy Paralegal Services can assist you to resolve these issues. We work with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) which regulates the relationship between landlords and tenants in Ontario. For the landlord. there are a lot of reasons to evict the tenant. But it's illegal to evict the tenant by your own because of human rights and charter concerns. Accuracy Paralegal Services focus on providing legal representation for the landlord or tenant in Landlord and Tenant Board. We also help the landlord to collect unpaid rent.

Debt Collection

Unpaid invoices and receivables can have a devastating effect on your cash flow. The negative impacts on the cash flow adversely affects the bottom line of the organization. The longer an account goes uncollected, the less lightly you are to recover the full amount of debt. Small Claims Court is the most effective way to recover your unpaid receivable. Accuracy Paralegal can help you to recover your debt in Small Claims Court.


Commission of Oaths Services

In Ontario, Paralegals are authorized to take oath or solemn affirmation  for an Affidavit or a Statutory Declaration.

 At Accuracy Paralegal Services, a Commissioner of Oaths can help clients with the following documents:

  •  Taking affidavits, affirmations, acknowledgments or declarations

  •  Attesting letters of invitation or travel consent letter                                                                                      

Please bring the original copies of your document with a piece of ID and present in person.


​Legal Correspondence and Demand Letter

  drafting the demand letter in following issues:

  • Unpaid invoice

  • Defamation

  • Credit Report Correction

  • Trademark Infringement

  • Wrongful Dismissal

Court Attendance

If you are unrepresented or want to save cost for your case proceeding, Accuracy Paralegal can be retained for the sole purpose of attending various types of hearings: Motions, Settlement Conferences, Terms of Payment Hearings, Assessment Hearings, Trials, and Garnishment Hearings.  Most attendances are charged on a flat rate basis except for trials.  Depending on the complexity of your matter.


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